Eagle County Open Space: It’s Why We Live Here

Voting Yes on Issue 1A this Election Day will continue the Eagle County Open Space program for years to come, ensuring that we work as a community to:

  • Protect Eagle County’s diverse wildlife
  • Preserve our natural wonders and river corridors
  • Without raising taxes

Eagle County voters established a modest 1.5 mill levy in 2002 to acquire and safeguard the most strategic parcels of land for the future enjoyment of all Eagle County residents.

The Eagle County Open Space mill levy helps to enhance a broad range of outdoor recreational opportunities — a network of trails, Colorado River boat ramps, and many other amenities — as well as to support conservation initiatives and wildlife preservation.

Issue 1A on the November ballot extends the existing open space tax beyond its scheduled termination in 2025 so the county can carry on this vital work.

Referred unanimously by the Eagle County Commissioners, Issue 1A continues the open space program for another 15 years, allowing the county to protect wildlife and preserve the county’s natural wonders for generations to come.

With our votes, we have an opportunity to preserve the natural beauty and wildlife of Eagle County. After all, it’s why we live here.