Eagle County’s Open Space program has made amazing strides. Have you ever been to unspoiled swaths of land like Red Dirt Creek along the Colorado River? You can thank the Eagle County Open Space program, funded through the wisdom of County voters in 2002. Have you trekked the trails on the Homestead L in Edwards or on Glassier Ranch in the Roaring Fork Valley? That’s right; they’re among the many open spaces set aside through this same program. The list goes on:

Highlights of Eagle County’s Open Space Program:

  • Eagle County Open Space program has invested approximately $48 million in the Eagle River Valley portion of the county, leveraging contributions from Great Outdoors Colorado; U.S. Forest Service and BLM; the towns of Avon, Eagle, Gypsum and Vail; Eagle Valley Land Trust and other partners.
  • Throughout the county, the Open Space program preserves critical lands for wildlife. It has acquired and conserved land with rivers and streams to maintain riparian habitat as well as land that offers migration corridors for game.
  • The program has invested approximately $9 million in the Roaring Fork Valley, leveraging contributions from, and partnerships with, Great Outdoors Colorado, the Town of Basalt, Pitkin County Open Space and Trails, and the Aspen Valley Land Trust.
  • The program works to acquire properties like Hardscrabble Ranch to preserve ranching heritage through conservation easements and to provide important access to adjacent federal lands.

Eagle County’s Open Space program is a success. Wildlife advocates celebrate its protection of ranches as critical to wildlife. River enthusiasts are using Eagle County Open Space boat ramps in record numbers. Kids and families are walking, hiking and exploring neighborhood open-space parcels. And hunters, backpackers, equestrians and off-highway vehicle users are crossing into open lands beyond our properties through pass-through accesses the program has created.

Click here to learn more about the county’s Open Space program and its parcels.

Vote Yes on Issue 1A for Eagle Space Open Space.

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