Eagle County Issue 1A will protect essential services for our community—including the county’s Open Space program, public safety, wildfire mitigation, road maintenance and snow plowing—without raising taxes. If approved, 1A will:

  • Protect services for the entire county, from the Roaring Fork Valley to the top of Vail Pass.
  • Maintain essential services that support quality of life for our residents, local businesses and visitors like road maintenance and snow plowing efforts, public safety and law enforcement, and wildfire mitigation.
  • Continue programs that Eagle County voters have supported in previous elections such as the county’s Open Space Program.

1A is a local solution to protect our community from the statewide problems created by the Gallagher Amendment.

  • If approved, 1A will only allow the county to keep existing property tax revenues at the same level moving forward, protecting critical services from being cut during these uncertain times.
  • Gallagher forces reductions in the statewide residential assessment rate to maintain a mandated ratio between residential and commercial property taxes.
    • This situation is caused by rapidly increasing property values and growth along the Front Range and negatively impacts mountain and rural communities.
  • Measures like 1A have been overwhelmingly approved by Eagle County voters in six previous elections, including for Colorado Mountain College, Greater Eagle Fire Protection District, Gypsum Fire Protection District, Basalt Rural Fire Protection District, Eagle County Health Service (ambulance) District, and Eagle Valley Library District.

Eagle County may be forced to slash services by $3.7 million in 2021 if Amendment B fails on the statewide ballot and the General Assembly significantly reduces the assessment rate in 2021.

  • County’s general fund will likely be reduced by more than $2 million, directly impacting critical services such as public safety and health supports.
    • Additional cuts would include nearly $600,000 to the county’s Road & Bridge Fund, reducing road paving, pothole repair, and snow plowing.
    • Another $650,000 would be cut from the Open Space Fund, a nearly 11 percent reduction to a program that Eagle County voters overwhelmingly reauthorized in 2018.
  • Cuts would continue for years to come, hurting our community’s economic recovery and ability to respond to emergencies like COVID-19 and wildfires.

Vote Yes on 1A.

Protect our Open Space, Roads and Essential Services.